About ConstructInn

One of the most critical industries throughout the country is the construction business. Anything we see anywhere is built by the hands of teams that include engineering, architecture, material science, geophysics, plumbing, metal work, and above all, traveling construction crews that the work of the above would come never to fruition without.      

This hardworking group spends months and weeks, if not years, on massive projects. They do well, but their cost of living is also considerably above average. Accommodations are one of their most significant expenses.  

ConstructInn is created by the veterans of the hotel industry with a construction crew in mind. We know how to get you better rates and show you how to take advantage of hotel points and other perks that other constructions teams leave behind.  

Most construction workers can earn enough points from their hotel stays to qualify them for a nice vacation on the top of discounted rates and offers.  

Let us know of your upcoming construction project—we will find you the best offers in a reasonable location at no cost to you. You only pay your hotel fees directly to the hotel.