Frequently Asked Questions


What is ConstructInn?

ConstructInn is created by the veterans of the hotel industry with a construction crew in mind. We know how to get you better rates and show you how to take advantage of hotel points and other perks that other constructions teams leave behind.  

Most construction workers can earn enough points from their hotel stays to qualify them for a nice vacation on the top of discounted rates and offers.  

Let us know of your upcoming construction project—we will find you the best offers in a reasonable location at no cost to you. You only pay your hotel fees directly to the hotel.


What are the Featured Hotels?

Featured hotels offer up to a 20% discount to the construction crews who travel to the jobsite individually.


What is Long-Term Housing?

Long-term housing is defined as 30 days or longer. You will be exempt from most taxes while still eligible for the hotel points, perks, and extra services.  

Click HERE to request longterm housing quotes.


Short-Term Housing

Short-Term Housing is less than a month’s stay and can be as little as one day. You are still qualified for discounts, hotel offers, points, and other perks. However, this would not be a tax-exempt stay.

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Groups and Events

Project groups or training events are also qualified for numerous offers, discounts, and points that can quickly add up. Additionally, some hotels offer extra points to the group organizers. You can collect hundreds of thousands of points by being an active group organizer.

Click HERE for Group RFP. (Request For Proposal)


What do we do for you?

We use our expertise in the hotel industry to get you the most meaningful offers based on your budget,

destination, and duration of your stay. We will contact the hotels on your behalf, at no cost to you, and find you the available offers.  


Do all hotels offer free breakfast?

No, but most do, and they can even create a package for your team if they leave to the jobsite before the hotel’s breakfast time. Our Early-Bird Breakfast Package is designed for the groups that leave too early for breakfast or prefer their breakfast on the jobsite instead of the hotel.


Do I get a discount for a single night accomodation?

All participating hotels offer an average of a 15% to 20% discount for individual construction travelers. To qualify for these discounts, you must show your job ID or tag that proves you are working in the construction industry.

Check hotel promotions HERE.


What is the smoking policy?

Most hotels are 100% smoke-free these days. You can’t smoke anywhere on the property, and your account will be charged from $50 to $1,400 in some hotels. Please select a hotel that has both smoking and nonsmoking rooms if some or all of your crew members are smokers.